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Collecting, processing and trading scrap plastics
from industrial sources throughout Europe

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Leading specialist recycler of PMMA, Germany

WEEE - Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment

We are an approved exporter (AE) of WEEE scrap plastics.

Our end-users have been approved by the EA in the UK, who are working to European Standards. Your Waste Electronic scrap will be handled responsibly and you will receive the best possible return for it. We are handling WEEE from many of the largest metal recyclers in the UK.


Sourcing WEEE plastic scrap from approved processors, RecPlas strives to recycle the highest possible fraction of polymers from mixed shredded material. You can also be assured that your baled monitor / TV cases will be responsibly recycled.

Contamination is a natural part of WEEE recycling. Your supply will be assessed for quality – usually via a trial consignment.

Grades and format of WEEE Plastics

Shredded Mixed Plastic  from SMW

Shredded Mixed Plastic from SMW

High Polyolefin content. Low metal content.

Shredded Fridges

Shredded Fridges


Baled PC and TV cases (ABS)

Baled PC and TV cases (ABS)